The Definition of Park Model Homes

Insights: Definition of Park Model Homes

Park Model Homes

Park Models are constructed under ANSI standards and are not required to meet the exposure C and D windload standards of the HUD approved mobile homes.

1. Park Models may not have additions that expand the habitable space by more than 400 square feet. The same standards with regard to additions apply to park models as to mobile homes. No site built additions may be authorized. All expansions such as tip outs or add a rooms must be constructed under the ANSI or HUD standards and must not expand the habitable space by more than 400 square feet.

2. Free standing detached open decks and screen porches are not considered expansion of habitable space so long as they are not enclosed by any rigid material such as but not limited to glass, wood, block or lattice.

3. When the park model has a previously permitted addition that has increased the habitable space by greater than 400 SF, it is a nonconforming structure and no additional permit will be issued for further expansion except for open or screened, detached, structurally independent decks or porches. If the open deck is already existing and part of a nonconforming structure the screening of the open area must be calculated as a nonsubstantial improvement.

4. Roof overs designed for installation over park models and mobile homes are allowed as a weatherproof cover and are not required to be counted in the nonsubstantial calculations as long as the roof over does not change the configuration of the existing roof such as from a flat roof to a gable roof. If the roof over is designed for installation as a weatherproof covering to a park model or mobile home and the design of the roof is altered, the roof over is then considered an improvement and must be calculated as a cumulative substantial improvement unless the park model or mobile home is elevated at a minimum on 36” reinforced piers. Roof overs may not connect a nonconforming site built addition to a park model or mobile home. Siding applied to park models or mobile homes are considered improvements and are counted in the nonsubstantial calculations unless the park model or mobile home is elevated on 36” reinforced piers.


Located at the Factory

We are located at the Athens Park Homes Factory and we believe that you expect and deserve a well-built, high quality Park Model at an affordable price. Our 140,000 square foot climate controlled building center is the largest park model plant in the country. Let us guide you through our factory focusing on those areas that truly show you why Athens Park Homes is the fastest growing park model manufacturer in the country.

RVIA. All Athens Park Homes are built to the ANSI A119.5 codes. We are a member of the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association).

Why Buy a Park Model?

Vacation Homes - Wake up in your favorite resort city throughout the mild winter season. Place a Laurel Creek Home in one of the many resort communities throughout the West and enjoy relaxing vacation living throughout the season.

Income Properties - Provide potential residence an opportunity to fall in love with your community by offering seasonal rental homes. Seasonal rentals allow you to show off amenities to potential residents while receiving a monthly income.

Guest Homes - Park Models are a perfect option for guest housing. They offer all the needed facilities for long or short term visitors.