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RV Park Model Homes for Sale

Our Park Model trailers are constructed at the Park Model Home factory in Lindsay, California, where advanced technology and design principles are skillfully combined to produce high quality yet affordable Park Models. Considered true industry professionals, our skilled craftsmen build park homes with an exceedingly high level of expertise for the factory-built customer. All of our homes meet, and in many cases, exceed ANSI 119.5 building code, which is administered and sanctioned by the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association). The code requires that park model homes meet or exceed more than 500 building and safety standards. The code is not required for Park Model Home builders so look for the RVIA inspection label when purchasing your park model home.

We deliver RV Park Model Homes to California, Arizona, Nevada & Oregon. Contact a housing consultant at 1-800-965-4896 for more information about our homes.

Park Models Direct was founded in 1999 and specializes in all aspects of the mobile home, manufactured home, and park model home industries. With many well-established factory direct model centers located in and around the United States, it is our aim to provide unsurpassed home value to our customers nationwide. Our reliable factory direct sales centers deliver on that goal by giving our customers access to an extensive selection of quality built products at an affordable price.

Park Model Homes

Park Homes
Consider Park Models for the Perfect Retirement or Vacation Home

Even with the current depressed market, it's hard to find a greater value than Park Models when it comes to a bungalow, cabin, vacation home or even a retirement house. Because of economic bad-luck and cost cutting, much of the available home stock hasn't been maintained as well as it should have been, meaning that anyone who purchases a home may well be facing additional repair costs. Another choice is to find a location that you love and consider buying one of the many eye pleasing and affordably priced RV park models available.

All RV park models are built to meet RV industry code, and every one is built by the same factories that produce mobile homes. provides a great purchasing experience for anyone who is looking for variations to traditional housing. Customer testimonials will attest to the positive experiences that customers boast about. It is difficult to find a better value for park model homes; Park Models Direct has such large sales volume that it's able to offer the best prices imaginable and with factory located sales centers across the the continental United States, it's easy to find park model trailers in your area. Different from buying an existing house or cabin, selecting park model homes from means you have options: you select the dealer you wish to purchase from, the factory and the floor plan. You can even choose options and upgrades such as upstairs storage areas, dormers, a cedar exterior and flooring options. When you tour the model village, it's hard to believe that you're stepping through a factory built home and not a site built house.

Development in the area of park model homes has been explosive in recent years and this segment is probably the hottest in the RV industry. By taking advantage of the factories used to construct high-end manufactured homes, RV park models are making the most of modern design and the highest quality construction standards. These lovely homes make the perfect alternative to a cottage, retirement home or cabin.

Park Model Homes & Park Homes for Sale