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Our History:

Our Roots

Park Models Direct is a certified retailer of park homes with many well-established factory direct retail offices throughout the United States, including one here in Chandler, Arizona. Established in 1999, Park Models Direct has been an industry leader in park model home sales and has received top ratings by consumer groups, industry awards, and has been a leader in retail sales throughout Arizona. Partnering with Fleetwood Homes, Park Models Direct has been busy delivering quality park homes at affordable prices.

Our Principles:

At Park Models Direct, we believe customer satisfaction is our greatest reward. That is why we are committed to providing our customers with the valuable information they need when shopping for a park model home.

It is our belief that great information builds great friendships and we make that information available to you in the form of virtual factory tours, industry news, photo galleries, customer testimonials, and more.

Our Factory:

Fleetwood was founded in 1950 in southern California. Over the years, the company has grown to become a major player in the factory-built housing and RV markets. For over 55 years, Fleetwood has been building manufactured homes in weather-protected factories across the country, using experienced construction teams to staff each local building facility. This ensures that the building materials are protected and each home is inspected carefully.

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