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Our Park Model Homes are crafted by the most trusted manufacturers in the factory built home industry. Each high quality Park Model we offer is the product first rate design and cutting edge technology.

All of our homes meet, and in many cases, exceed ANSI 119.5 building code, which is administered and certified by the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association). This code requires that park model homes meet or exceed more than 500 building and safety standards. The code is not obligatory for Park Model Home builders so look for the RVIA inspection label when purchasing your park model home.

In accordance with the current homebuyer's needs and design preferences, Park Models Direct offers a wide array of captivating floor plans. See for yourself our commitment to construction excellence, design innovation and value based pricing with a tour of our model village.

We deliver RV Park Model Homes to California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. Contact a housing consultant at 1-800-504-1687 for more information about our homes.

Park Models Direct was founded in 1999 and specializes in all aspects of the mobile home, manufactured home, and park model home industries. With many well-known factory direct model centers situated in and around the United States, it is our goal to provide unmatched home value to our customers countrywide. Our trustworthy factory direct operations deliver on that mission by giving our customers access to a wide selection of quality built products at a reasonable price.

Park Model Homes

Park Homes

Affordable Vacation Living With Park Models

Park models are mobile living at its best, as they combine the cost-savings of purchasing a mobile home or RV with the comforts and appearance normally associated with a traditional home. This type of home is convenient, as it is pre-built in a factory, yet sturdy enough to live in year-round if desired. As more and more people discover the benefits of living in park model homes, the industry continues to grow and offer more choices. A park model home may include features and details you don't expect with a mobile home, such as covered porches and tile flooring.

Park models allow you to be a homeowner with more flexibility. With this type of home you can choose to live wherever you want without spending a fortune, and don't have to sacrifice certain comforts and amenities. Essentially, a park model home brings together the advantages of a mobile home and the advantages of a traditional home in a perfect mix of affordability and portability.

If you're in the market for park model homes, look for a manufacturer that produces a quality product, in addition to the aesthetics of the models available. A combination of the two will give you the best value for your money. A company like Park Models Direct produces park model homes that are built to a high quality standard, and are beautiful to behold. In fact, they have hundreds of customer testimonial letters to show for it, from many happy, satisfied customers.

The park models from Park Models Direct come from different locations across the country, so you can make a purchase from a particular factory based on where you plan on living. Also, at the sales centers you can view different models before you buy in order to find the right one. However, the company does ship to most states, so if you don't live in the same state as one of the factories, you can still make a purchase.

Park model homes is proud to create an affordable home for many satisfied customers, and knows how important quality is, especially in the housing market. In addition to providing mobile homes for warm climates, Park Models Direct has experience with cold climate construction to ensure every customer gets what he or she needs in a park model home.
Park model homes with cold climate construction consist of features such as high insulation R-values, stronger standards for roof load construction, as well as specialized roofing. Visit the site to see the hundreds of photos posted showing the different materials and features available from the company.

Park Model News

Park Model News

Choose One of the Many Park Models for Your Retirement Home...Choose One of the Many Park Models for Your Retirement Home
Many soon-to-be retirees purchase land for their retirement home, then add one of the many available park models to complete the dream. ParkModelsDirect leads the park model homes industry, manufacturing homes of the highest quality, from design through more
Why Park Models Let You Live Anywhere You Want For Less...The beauty of park models is the flexibility you can experience without having to fork over a small fortune to a homebuilder or contractor. What exactly is a park model? A park model home is a relatively new alternative to the standard RV more
Park Models Make the Perfect Cottage, Cabin or Retirement Home...Even with the current depressed real estate market, it's difficult to find a better value than park models when it comes to a cottage, cabin, vacation home or even a retirement home. Because of economic hardship and cost cutting, much of the available housing stock hasn't been maintained as well as it should have been, meaning that anyone who buys a house may well be facing additional repair more
Vacation Cottages that are Ready to Roll...Park Models are small but luxurious 'trailers' that are becoming increasingly popular around the more
Home for $1...Being home for the holidays has a whole new meaning for Julia Cochran. The community manager at Park City Manufactured Home Community Inc., wants to provide a holiday gift for two more
For Growing Numbers of Americans, the 'Summer Cottage' is a 'Park Model' at an RV Resort...It's already past the 100-degree mark in Phoenix, where Mike McConville works as a self-employed more
Castle Rock RV park expands to handle larger models...The Castle Rock RV Park & Campground near metro Denver is developing a new section to accommodate 200 recreational park trailers, also called park more
Campgrounds tout 'park models' as RV and hotel alternative...If you think fewer recreational vehicles are on the road this summer, you may be right? and it's not just high fuel costs keeping them from pounding the pavement. RV resorts across the USA are offering an alternative way to camp more
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