Why Park Models Let You Live Anywhere You Want For Less

Park Model News: Why Park Models Let You Live Anywhere You Want For Less

The beauty of park models is the flexibility you can experience without having to fork over a small fortune to a homebuilder or contractor. What exactly is a park model? A park model home is a relatively new alternative to the standard RV home. It combines the reasonable price with a more comfortable way to live, as well as having the look of a traditional home and the benefit of being a little more permanent. Park model homes are basically factory built homes that provide many benefits compared to site built or park homess. Growing quickly in popularity, this type of home is safe and affordable.

Park models are safe because they are built to RV industry code, but they differ in the way of appearance, and are usually built with a higher quality construction in mind that is more commonly applied only to park homess. Modern park model homes include details you wouldn't expect from an RV, including dormers, covered porches, lofts, unique materials such as cedar, and tile floors.

Park model homes resemble site built homes but offer the benefits associated with RVs, such as an affordable price tag and mobility. Of course, quality is important when purchasing this type of home, as it needs to be stable and reliable. After all, you will be living in the home. If you're considering purchasing a park model home, buy one from a company that has a satisfied client base and a reputation for excellence in the industry.

Park models that are constructed well should have several key features, such as proper insulation for climate control, roof load construction that is heavy duty, and other elements, such as specialized building materials. Most park model home manufacturers have photographs you can review that boast the various features and items that come with each home.

Park model homes give people the choice to live where they want, keep life simple, and enjoy the every day without having to maintain a large home. These homes are perfect for a cottage or holiday property, or just to live every day in a scenic or convenient location. A park model home takes all the benefits of RV living and bumps it up a notch with great amenities, style, and comfort.

Park Models Direct manufactures quality park model homes. The company has several factory located sales centers across the country and ships park model homes to the majority of states. Visit your nearest location to learn more about the company's products, and to see a few examples in person.

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